"Die Triangelschlägel von DH Drums sind qualitativ absolut überzeugend. Maßarbeit zu einem unschlagbaren Preis."

Andreas Heuwagen - Oldenburgisches Staatsorchester

"The best custom triangle beaters that I've ever owned! These beaters are great to play with. From the craftsmanship to the amazing customer service, DH Drums Custom Triangle Beaters are the best choice for the novice to the professional percussionist. I've used my beaters in different settings. From live performances to multiple recordings sessions, these beaters always deliver. The well rounded sound and quality of projection is superb. Did I mention that the customer service is astounding? I'm looking forward to my next set. Trust me, DH would NOT disappoint. Cheers!"

Miguel Omar Berberena - Independent/Studio Percussionist